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Poker is a complex and precisely for this reason very popular game. Without some basic knowledge you've certainly little chance to come against experienced players. This knowledge you gain at best, in practice, with a little theory in advance of course, can not hurt. Before you make yourself familiar with the topic, but once you have decide which of the many variations of poker you want to play. From Texas Hold'em to Omaha Poker to Stud and 7Stud is basically anything is possible. The difficulty, therefore, is to find your personal hobbyhorse and develop yourself in the from you favorite poker variant. At this point, we offer you the opportunity to gain an initial overview of those versions of the game, in the good online casinos are offered.

Hardly a variant of the game is more popular than Texas Hold'em poker. All around the world This version is played - in local poker rooms, and not least in virtual online casinos, their poker area is usually separated from the usual casino operation. The Texas Hold'em game table can accommodate two to ten players. In most cases, you have several tables to choose from, which differ in their limits. One of the players present basically slips into the role of the dealer, with you, this is of course clearly displayed. The player who has left seated directly next to the dealer or was placed by the computer, you must post the small blind, so put an entry money.

The next player takes the big blind. Depending on the casino can additional Ante bets are paid; speak the fee to ever participate in the game. All bets have been made, each player receives two cards. Your opponents can not see the cards in your hand, of course. Before each additional round you decide for yourself whether you raise, or fits. The following community cards are available for each participant. Distributed in three rounds - - From your own cards and the flop, turn and river is formed at the end one sheet. Texas Hold'em is usually played in three variants: limit Texas Hold'em with solid limit, Mixed Texas Hold'em with Limit in Round 1 and open subsequent rounds, as well as Pot Texas Hold'em , which only allows operations that exceed the amount have the current pot.

The second gladly played poker variation is Seven Card Stud Entrants must be between two and seven players. We have been in Texas Hold'em is also this time a player from the dealer, this changes after each round. All players an ante bet is first demanded. This basic use is required to participate. In the first round each participant receives two cards that can not be seen by the opponents. It is followed by another card that is open to every player.

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