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By blackjack written many books and articles, which is why beginners can erroneously conclude that play it too hard. But it is not so: learn how to play blackjack at for money and explore the basic strategy of the game can almost everyone in a short time. Meaning of the game of blackjack - the best hand than the dealer, without going beyond 21 points. A set of cards giving totaling 21 points exactly, is called "blackjack." When you set more than 21 points you get bust and automatically lose.

The game begins with the placing of bets (most online casino blackjack available micro-stakes one cent). After that, the dealer deals you two cards face. He also receives two cards, one of which you also see, and the other is face down. The game starts, and you can do one of the following four actions: take another card, stop, split or double.

Take a card (Hit) means you ask the dealer to hand over another card. Such action stands to make if you want to increase your overall score and not get too much. You can take as many cards as you want, until you stop or do not get too much. Remain at their maps (Stand) means that you are satisfied with the current total score, and more cards you do not need. In the separation of hands you should make an additional bet on the second hand and play these two arms parallel to the usual rules. Last activity - doubling (Double) - means that you double your initial bet and get one more card.

Once you decide to stay, the dealer reveals his hand (his second card) and get additional cards if necessary. Anyone who has an overall score closest to 21 without exhausting, wins the hand with the payment of 1:1. In case of a tie, the player gets his bet back. As for the value of the cards in blackjack, all the cards from 2 to 10 have a dignity equal to their numeric value. Face cards (jack, queen, king) are 10 points, and the Ace can be 1 or 11, depending on the player's account (if 11 gives the player a bust, the ace is equal to 1).

If a player gets 21 points with his first two cards, such a combination is called a "natural blackjack", and the player with the win in a 2:1 ratio with respect to its rate. If the dealer gets a natural blackjack, the player without the same combination automatically loses, unable to perform any other actions. If a player has collected the same natural blackjack, it is declared a draw. If the dealer's up card is an ace, the player may take insurance, which is paid out at 2:1 if the dealer will get a blackjack. Keep in mind that insurance only makes a variety of rules of the game, but not mathematically justified: for long distance insurance you will only create losses.

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