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Roulette belongs to the category of games that has no restrictions. Players of all ages, both men and women, for small amounts and with very high stakes - with pleasure going over the roulette table. What are the features of the game you played with great pleasure poets and generals, kings and beggars, vagrants and thinkers? The first feature roulette - simple and intuitive rules.

After making a few bets, the player acquires understanding of roulette - play with balancing between risk and value of winning. Classically, the main elements of the game - the game wheel and the betting. Plotted on the game wheel numbers (from "0" to "36), and on the playing field, the same numbering duplicated. Number painted in black or red. "Zero" (zero) is always green and is a casino sector. In addition, the playing field has additional fields for specifying rates.

With these additional fields, players can bet on the entire ranges of numbers. In the field of virtual casinos and the wheel is displayed for the player, and the rates run a computer mouse. But this is only a technical retreat that does not change the basic character of roulette. The game begins with the dealer roulette wheel rotation and throw the ball.

Under the rules of the wheel rotates clockwise, and the ball - in the opposite direction. Croupier announces the launch of betting after the croupier will announce the termination rates - no bid can not be executed. Fans of roulette, which are at the table, will be able to bet as per a certain number, and to a certain range of numbers. For example, a player may be suggested that the winning number is black, or that the winning number will be even. To date, the online casinos, there are about a dozen varieties of this game.

Considered the most famous American, European, French roulette and roulette without a "zero." Rules of each of the above games are quite similar, but they have certain features in the arrangement of numbers on the board and the wheel, their color and the presence or absence of additional rates. A detailed presentation of the rules described in section of each of the types of roulette.

Despite its age, remains the most visited roulette casino game, and many casinos have elements roulette wheel on the field or their logos. And if you're a beginner and have never tried the roulette table, you will be waiting for an unforgettable moment of pleasure from exploring this game. Wish you always successful bets!

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