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Probably not more popular and exciting card game than Blackjack. It is simple and complicated at the same time, it is fascinating, but the advantage in this game is not. The fact that only Black Jack probability theory works for you. At least more than other casino games , both online and offline. That's what made ​​the game so popular Black Jack, especially lately. So, what is Black Jack, what is its history and how likely win?

Until now, all argue about where there was a game Black Jack. Italians, French and the Americans with the same tenacity prove that it is their national game, several modified. The same opinion about it is not, but ost often take the version of the game of French origin. Thus, the precursor of Black Jack was a French game «vingt-et-un», which became popular in the 19th century. This version shows and Russian game "points" or "21", which are very similar to Black Jack.

But the United States contributed to the development, and more - to the popularization of this game. That effort in the U.S. casino card game Blackjack has become so popular around the world. As for the name of the game, it comes from the English black jack - baton, brass knuckles, or any other object, which hit on the head. If viewed from the perspective of game theory, Black Jack can be characterized as formal, probabilistic, confrontational non-empty zero-sum game, and incomplete information.

Formal - since the rules of the game are set and do not change. Probability - as virtually all depends on the case. Confrontational - as the player plays against the dealer. A non-empty - as it is connected to real life, in this case, through the payment of a prize. With zero-sum - the amount equal to the sum of winning player losing opponent. With incomplete information - the players are not aware of all involved in the game cards.

To date, there are several variations of the game: the base, with two open cards and European. Also in the game there are additional rules and special versions of the game. Additional rules include: split, double, triple, sarendo and insurance. Special versions of the game: a pair of aces, 777, suited blackjack, card minimum. Now the details.

Split - is offered to the player if his arms are two of a kind, or two pictures. Split - this division of one hand into two. Players pay rate, which is equal to the previous dealer separates the cards into two hands and play continues as if the player initially played for two. Double - the possibility of doubling the player's bet to give one card. Triple - the possibility of increasing rates after the doubles to give another card.

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