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Online Poker - industry, which just a few years has become a hobby of millions of people. Online poker can be played anywhere: on a PC, on a mobile device (smartphone, tablets and so on). Powered by thousands of applications and hundreds of games on this topic. Poker penetrated and television (which indicates the unprecedented success), and on some of the most popular sports channels. But this is what we have now. And where did it all begin? Generally, Texas Hold'em has been known for a long time, but he has gained popularity immediately. Slowly, slowly, it began to play in many clubs and casinos, and the real rise of this card game started after the first world championships.

To each his own And here you are, getting started with poker, think where to begin. And indeed, our portal consists of many subsections. Of course, every newbie should visit the section on strategies. It describes not only the basic concepts, but there are more in-depth material. Yes and no one rich Hold'em poker. We can find information on Omaha Hi and Hi Lo, 7-Card Stud and Razz, and psychology (which takes a very important part in any kind of poker) and bankroll management. For those interested in not only the game itself, but where, in fact, it is possible to play, create a partition, telling about the best poker sites - poker rooms and their bonuses.

As a rule, it is a first deposit bonus, but they can be much more profitable than it seems at first glance. Just as in the sections devoted to the casinos and bookies, we collected detailed review of all popular rooms. Each site is described by the same parameters to subsequently compare them did not cause any trouble. The heyday of mobile devices and applications to them led to the creation of the section on mobile poker. First and foremost, he is focused on programs to see poker rooms to play for real money. His way Unlike most casino games poker largely built on the skill of the player. Luck - an integral part of poker, but playing skills mean much more here.

There are a number of combinations, two starting cards (in Hold'em) and several opponents. It would seem that so tough? Raises the stakes with a strong hand, calls with a strong hand, and in all other cases - throw down. There are many questions that require answers. Hundreds of clicks per minute with about the speed of playing professional online "grinders." Internet and this is good - everything is done quickly, almost instantly. Just enough to open the network client poker room and start playing for the 10th if the 20th tables simultaneously. Poker may seem simple, but in fact it takes a lot more effort into its development. As in cold water dive gradually and steadily. So you'll have to avoid many troubles peculiar to many novice poker players.

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