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How to beat online casinos? This question is raised by many who though somehow heard about online gambling. About my experience in online casinos read further. You've read somewhere about a super-mega winnings using some tricky (or mundane) ways of winning and now crave to raise millions for online casinos? Do not rush to throw money into the game, first think. Who will give you your money so easy? Or do you want that everybody who plays in an online casino, fools and just poured money and such a professional and you'll win the first try? I hasten to disappoint you, it's not as simple as it seems.

One day I decided to try my luck at online casinos. In particular, on the roulette. Several times I poured money and simply their descent. Then I went online to read different playing techniques, try to apply them in practice, combined ... After that, a long time I constantly thought about winning combinations rates, constantly drawing on paper, recorded ... None of this useful failed. All the matter is that the casino is arranged so that there is no such combinations or ways in which the player will always be in the black, or at least at zero! Whatever bet you did not, the probability of loss is always greater than the probability of winning, and never these probabilities can not be equal.

Since my profession largely mathematician, I applied the theory of probability for the casino - it is useless! Understand Roulette was invented in the early 19th century, and if it was possible to cheat, it would have already been done! Take, for example, the method of Martingale. This method would have worked if the game did not have restrictions on the maximum bet. The method consists in the fact that you are betting on the color of a certain amount, and when losing her doubles and at some point, when the rate of play, acted out all the previous and you go out in the plus.

But, unfortunately, the casino protect yourself and entered maximum bid. Therefore Martingale method will not help you. I hasten to assure you that the other "win-win" means all the same! After searching for win-win methods, I decided that I needed to try to keep statistics. Record all wins, losses, rates, etc. This method proved to be much more efficient than all previous ones. I just drove the statistics and making bets that have long not excluded. Yes, it works, but you need to consider the following. Any online casino, no matter how control of honesty it did not possess, will not let you win more than 5-10% of the deposit. Here is a graph that clearly see the whole process of the game any player.

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