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Video poker online - one of the most popular games in the virtual casinos, which in many ways resembles an ordinary slot. The essence of video poker for money is not much different from a simple five-card poker, so that the game itself does not pose much difficulty in understanding the rules.

If you at least once in their lives had to play this classic game of chance, you will quickly master and automaton. Largely online video poker differs only in that the game is not with another player, but directly with the computer. This, indeed, is the main advantage of video poker online - eliminated any cheating that for usual table games are not uncommon.

Online video poker rules are simple. You just need to make a bet and wait for the first hand of five cards. In the combination that you had the choose the best for yourself and the rest of the card can simply reset - you are no longer needed. Automatically get a replacement "mucked cards." Winning or losing entirely will depend on the values ​​of the cards that you were "hands on".

Variants of video poker online there are so many: it is the standard "Deuces Wild" and the classic "card Joker Poker" and "Jack and above." They differ not only by certain rules - value card layouts in all the games are different. About trump cards can be largely judged by the title of the video poker. For example, in "Wild Deuces" is of two - the main advantages. If they are in your hand, then pick a winning combination for all parameters becomes much easier.

In video poker machines, in addition to the game itself, you can also compete for the Jackpot . However, in this case will have enough to risk - the probability of winning is entirely online video poker depends on the size of bets. Many online casinos offer players video poker and progressive jackpot: the amount of such games just beyond, but on it and casinos to "whip" you to win millions cherished.

To learn how to play video poker online, you need to be familiar with the entire grid winning combinations - this will allow you to choose the best of them and make big bets. This is the basic strategy for playing video poker online as card layout is in the absolute power of the case, as in any other game in online casinos.

Online video poker have another advantage: You can always work out in the game, not investing in it funds. Only by learning to play more or less well, it is worth to start playing for real money.

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