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Online Blackjack has no exact date of origin, but it is well known that in the 19th century in some countries there were similar games, which may well be regarded as precursors of blackjack. For example, in Russia played a "point" or "twenty-one" , in France - in "vingt-et-un", which translated from French means "twenty one" in America was also known card game similar to blackjack, which was called "twenty-one". At first glance, the difference between the games, "blackjack" and "twenty-one" no - the player must score more points than his rivals, but not more than 21 . In fact, everything is true, but blackjack is much more strategic features and nuances that makes it more challenging and fun card game.

The very name of the game - blackjack came from a very rare combination of cards - Ace Of Spades and Jack PikB for loss which casinos provide bonus payments , which reached ten times the size. It is this card combination, where the jack of spades in the English version sounds like "Jack of Spades" or "Black Jack", and gave the name of the game. Blackjack online (from the English word BlackJack) - Gambling is one of the most popular casino card games. Blackjack popular game in the living rooms and online casinos. Acquired such popularity thanks to a simple blackjack strategy and, of course, the speed of the game.

Predecessor BlackJack card game is considered the game 21 (twenty-one), which appeared in gambling establishments in France in the 19th century. And to this day, on par with online blackjack roulette and slot machines online occupies a top place in popularity among fans of gambling. The rules of blackjack are fairly simple. Enough to have an ace and a card of 10 points (King, Queen, Jack or 10) to grab the luck by the tail and get the combination BlackJack.

Online and offline version of the card game Blackjack is very similar. In the online casino dealer is either a computer or live dealers. The game is very popular among players, precisely because it is not necessary to rely on blind luck, and you yourself influence the outcome of the game by using different strategies. And in the case of even basic strategy game in Blackjack, there is a decent chance of winning.

In 1956, Roger Boldui wrote "The optimal strategy in BlackJack, which described a method of reducing the interest benefits casino based on conventional mathematical statistics. He created the world's first system of counting cards, which are described in the book "Beat the Dealer". After the book tried to remove casino card division and doubling bets, but the loss of players not happy casino and they were abandoned. With so many cards coping mechanism called Shoe (shoe) - a device that is responsible for the automatic shuffling cards. On the game portal blackjack can be played for free and without any registration. Choose blackjack to your liking with different rules!

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