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Play online casino - it means not only to receive an avalanche of a wide variety of emotions, but also to make important critical decisions. All these players Casino realize quite clearly. But Lotus Casino has certain obligations in this regard. To make the most effective game as users who are just starting their way from beginner to professional, and users who are already long time our good friends, develops a whole system of the best casino bonuses!

In this casino bonuses have clear rules for their preparation players. Often, in order to get the incentive amount on his own account, the player must meet a number of criteria or meet certain conditions. Casino - this online casino , which may get a bonus of unprecedented generosity on his own account. In the first place, for this you must be registered.

Once a player makes his first deposit on their own, for it also becomes available bonuses on your first deposit. These include the "Initial Deposit Welcome Bonus", "First Deposit Bonus", "Match Up Bonus" and "First Time Bonus". For the player to fully enjoy the additional funds that Casino is ready to give to his personal account for the first cash deposit casino identifies a number of conditions. The bonus amount is 100% of the first contribution, if it does not exceed 500.

Once a player becomes a full member of the casino, free casino bonuses are just beginning its rapid manifestation! Casino is ready to delight its guests and residents with new and new bonuses almost every day! You do not even need to do anything special! Just playing and enjoying the process, each party automatically becomes the bonus program,  this is one of the best casinos that give bonuses to players!

In the next four months in Casino every player literally showered golden rain of bonuses and promotions. For each new deposit Casino player can get casino bonuses that vary in temporal periodicity. Weekly bonus "Happy Hours" the player can return 10% of the bid made by him if it is made specifically in the environment and does not exceed 50 units! Withdraw, with a chance after 40 perfect player bets!

Rule by the number of required rates, equal to 40, and stored for this action too. A number of additional conditions imposed on casino bonuses Lotus, can be found in the course of the gameplay itself, and more and more new shares, which transposed our casino players, updates appear in the home page is not so rare! Keep abreast of developments, in order to get maximum pleasure - is what Lotus Casino absolutely sure!

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