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Card game Baccarat (baccarat) appeared in the Middle Ages in Europe. The player's goal in this game - to score 9 points, or closest to the nines sum using two or three cards. Usually Baccarat played aristocrats and each player himself made ​​the decision - to take a third card or not. Once Baccarat appeared in casinos, the decision on the third card was strictly regulated. Despite the fact that the game is quite simple, like hundreds of years ago, baccarat frequent very high rates. Play Baccarat can be as in casinos and in online casinos .

The baccarat uses a standard deck of 52 cards. The casino usually played once 6-8 decks for a special table. In Baccarat glasses are considered a special way. Cards 2 through 9 are valued at face value, the ace is counted as one point, and Ten and all "pictures" are counted as zero points. If the sum is equal to 10 and more, is subtracted from ten and counted only the remainder.

The player makes a bet on the winning hand dealer (bankers), the player (player) or a draw (tie). Betting on the dealer and the player and the player paid one - to one and winning the bet on the draw paid eight to one. Baccarat - very calm and sophisticated card game. Baccarat, like any other casino proposal - not a win-win strategy. Institution will always have a small mathematical advantage over the visitor.

It should be understood that the player does not take any decisions during the play, which means that the only thing he can influence - this bet and choosing the right location and conditions of the game. Just want to say that numerous progressive system, calling the rates vary in a certain pattern - are not feasible in today's reality. In any casino betting limits exist, which means any mathematical model (directed in his theory on infinite possibilities), in practice loses its effectiveness.

Before you play Baccarat, you must remember the basic calculations. The advantage of the casino varies depending on the type of bet. So at the rate of the player, the casino advantage is typically 1.06% of the dealer - 1.24%, on the draw - from 7 to 14% (odds ratio varies in different casinos). In a small session for 1-2 hours players often manage to win a decent amount of money in this game.

Once a player can not change the course of the drawing, and vary the size of bets - pointless and dangerous, is the last opportunity to influence the profitability of their game. You need to choose the right place to play Baccarat. First and foremost, it should be a solid online casino with a good reputation with the high level of protection of personal and financial security of the player, with the ability to freely enter and withdraw money.

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