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Player task is to collect the most powerful hand that is made up of 5 cards. If you are not satisfied with the cards that were in your hands in the first round, you can opt out of some or even all of the cards and replace them with others. All cards are in a closed form. To the final stage of the game - the opening - no player sees another card. Sometimes, however, there are situations when the cards are opened before the end of discovery. The most important thing in a draw poker - know the rules of the game and ranking combinations. Another important condition for a successful game - remember the sequence of its stages and to know exactly when and how to place their bets.

Game of five-card poker begins with the definition of dealer (dealer). For each subsequent game the dealer becomes the next player clockwise. The dealer shuffles the deck. At this time, players are betting "ante" (it was done before any poker game and, as a rule, is one-fifth of the lowest possible rate). Players who do not have an ante into the pot, can not participate further in the game. Once all players have bet, the dealer starts to turn distribute one card to all players. All cards are dealt face down. Distribution maps ends when each player will be on hand five cards.

Furthermore, players can see their cards to evaluate hand. First move makes the player left of the dealer. He may leave the game, to surrender their cards, miss or make a bid. Further, the right turn passes to the next player in a clockwise direction, which is also free to do any of the above operations. Then the turn passes to the next participant and so on around the circle. So turn again comes to the dealer. If he raises rates, must also enroll and others. Upon cancellation of the player "crashes" from the game. After the dealer has made a bid to improve it are impossible.

After the bidding rules for five-card poker, all players have the right to refuse any or all of the cards if they do not satisfy the resulting combination of them. Maps abandoned by players returning dealer face down (ie, closed) and do not participate further in the game. At this stage, called "exchange" (Replacements) the dealer gives those players who have abandoned their cards, new, face down. First bid also puts the player sitting to the left of the dealer. Again belongs to the dealer the right of final rate increase. Then the players must either equalize their rates with the rate of the dealer, or quit the game. The remaining players are involved in the showdown. If at this stage there is only one player, then he wins the pot game. However, he does not open his cards back to their dealer in the closed form.

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